Eine Reihe von Vorträgen + Folien

Telling Stories With Data (26.5.2021)

Data journalism is all about using and presenting data in a way that readers will intuitively understand them. In this event, we will talk about examples of data-driven stories in order to demonstrate how journalists tell stories using data, what the obstacles are to a good data-driven story and what scientists and journalists can learn from each other regarding data storytelling. This is a talk I gave for the MZES Social Science Data Lab.

Slides + Video

Automated Reporting (23.9.2020)

This is a talk about automation in data journalism that I gave at a CorrelAid Open Online Data Meetup in september. My talk was one of three regarding automation and data science. The session was called ‘The lazy data scientist: Automating things feat. R, Python, AWS, and a Raspberry Pi’. Down below, you find slides as well as a link to the YouTube video.

Slides + Video